Meeting face-to-screen

Modern-day videoconferencing?

Now that we’re 21st century, weren’t we all supposed to be communicating by teleconferencing by now? At the Maine State Library, we’re trying to make teleconferencing a reality.

Twenty public libraries in our state are acting as video conferencing hubs, using a device known as a Tandberg. This device is extremely useful for large group meetings, such as Minerva circulation or cataloging meetings. This network of libraries also participated in our Lawyers in Libraries program. Independently, libraries have provided financial literacy workshops, tapped into the Smithsonian, or live streamed a discussion panel on medical issues. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

These twenty libraries are not the only benefactors of video conferencing. Any library with a computer, webcam and microphone, and internet connection can tap into these resources. Not only that, but in doing so, libraries can open the door to faster ways of connecting with colleagues across the state. There’s built-in technical support (between Networkmaine) and one-on-one assistance (Alan Fecteau and I at the Maine State Library) for this service.

If you’d like to be one of those libraries to take advantage of this resource, please visit our video conferencing resource page or directly request accounts (one for you, and one as a guest account for your library).

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